Implement commands on Console


The target is implement console commands for control sqengine
for example load intro from console.
Target files: Console.cs ConsoleCommands.cs


squidleon wrote Aug 1, 2009 at 7:29 PM

Current commands:
addmessage -- Add message to queue: Syntax: addmessage 'text' 5(color) 3000(delay)
cat -- display file: Syntax cat c:\script.sqs
console_close -- Close console
dir -- Display file in directory: Syntax: dir c:\
echo -- Write to console
exit -- Quit game
gc_clean -- Call garbage collector
get -- Get ingame variable: Syntax get debug_mode
getcomponents -- Get all active components
getskydome_phi -- Get value of phi skydome
getskydome_theta -- Get value of theta skydome
gettitle -- Get title of Window
help -- Show help of %s command or if input is empty show all commands
load_intro -- Load intro file: Syntax: load_intro c: est.intro
load_script -- Load script from file %s: Syntax load_script c:\script.sqs
load_vars -- Load game variables in memory from file: Syntax: load_vars c:\text.vars
loadmap -- Load map in game: Syntax: loadmap c:\path\path.sqm
ls -- Display file in directory: Syntax ls c:\
mapinfo -- Get information of current map
mediaplayer_back -- Back MediaPlayer
mediaplayer_enablerandom -- Enable MediaPlayer random mode: Syntax 0=false 1=true
mediaplayer_next -- Next MediaPlayer
mediaplayer_play -- Play MediaPlayer
mediaplayer_populatemp3 -- Populate MP3 Playlist: Syntax: populatemp3 c:/path/mp3/
mediaplayer_stop -- Stop MediaPlayer
mkdir -- Make a directory: Syntax: mkdir c:\test
quit -- Quit game
save_help -- Save the list of commands to file: Syntax: save_help c:\commandlist.txt
save_script -- Save current script to file %s: Syntax save_script c:\script.sqs
save_vars -- Save game variables in memory from file: Syntax: load_vars c:\text.vars
set -- Set ingame variable: Syntax set debug_mode 1
setskydome_phi -- Set phi value of current skydome
setskydome_theta -- Set Theta value of current skydome
settitle -- Set title to parameter %s
sleep -- Sleep console for milliseconds. Syntax: sleep 2000 (2sec)
version -- Show current version

wrote Feb 2, 2013 at 5:07 AM