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Project Description
The target of SquareEngine if make a simple FPS game fully costumizable! You can load objects, entity ( like power up boxes), bots ( you can load the same models of quake 3 arena). Also you can listen music during the game with powerful media player. It's developed in C# NEWS 01/09/09:
HOT!!! Play youtube on Texture

NEWS 29/08/2009:
HOT!!! Implemented WebBrowser on XNA (Texture2D), Yes is real! look this screenshot! Thanks to fantastic wrapper library to Chris Cavanagh !!!

NEWS 28/08/2009:
NEWS 23/08/2009:
  • Back from holidays continiung development! build 877 check in !

NEWS 05/08/2009:
NEWS 31/07/2009: We got new people in the project:
  • nutjaa Developer from Thailand
  • tee4340 Graphic from Thailand (logo creator)

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